About the Mary Turner Project

Founded in 2007 to make the public aware of the 1918 lynching rampage in south Georgia, the Mary Turner Project (MTP) is a grassroots, multi-racial, multi-generational, initiative that uses applied social research to work for restorative racial justice and racial reconciliation.

Based in the deep South, the MTP and its members conduct applied social research (a.k.a. "action research") on historical and contemporary racial injustice in order to educate the public and to bring about social change at the individual, group, and institution levels. The MTP does not conduct research for "research's sake." All MTP work and projects have at their core a strategy for application in order to effect social change at the individual, group, and society levels. And as a grassroots organization, one of the great things about the MTP is that anyone, anywhere, can be a part of the work we do.


MTP's Organizational Philosophy

Aligned with the radical, proactive, non-violent philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the MTP works from the position that the United States is in need of a "radical revolution of values" and a "radical reordering of national priorities" that necessitates facing various interconnected realities that include the following;
  • Acknowledging and reconciling our nation's history and legacy of slavery, colonization, genocide, and the entrenched culture of white supremacy.
  • Acknowledging and reconciling our culture, history, and legacy of militarism and imperialism.
  • Acknowledging and confronting predatory corporate capitalism and its impact of humans and the planet.
  • Acknowledging and and confronting any and all forms of interconnected social injustice including but not limited to patriarchy, classism, heterosexism, etc.

  • MTP's Organizational Structure

    With the exception of a partially paid full-time coordinator ($13,000 annual gross salary when those funds are available), the MTP is guided by a small Advisory Board and is an all volunteer, grassroots racial justice organization that anyone can participate in if they wish. Unlike many traditional for profit and non-profit civil rights organizations, the MTP is fundamentally interested in grassroots social movement participation and social movement building. MTP also contends that it is social movements, not simply the election of political figures, that have moved the United States to more fully live the values articulated in our historical documents like the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. With that social movement focus in mind, the MTP serves as a way for any person interested in social justice to get involved and take action wherever they may live.

    Some of the MTP's Goals

  • Proactively research and address both historic and contemporary forms of racial injustice, including individual, institutional, cultural, environmental, and progressive forms of racism.
  • Contribute to an accurate recording and reporting of American racist atrocities and crimes against humanity committed since the inception of our nation and throughout our history.
  • Contribute to the creation of an authentic and sustained Truth and Reconciliation process, at local and national levels, that addresses any and all crimes against humanity committed during the creation and throughout the history of the United States.
  • Contribute to the realization of Dr. Martin Luther King's notion of the "Beloved Community" where all peoples are valued and treated with dignity and not as "objects" or "resources" to be exploited.

  • We thank you for your interest and we hope you will consider becoming part of the work we do.