Documenting Lynchings in the U.S.

The Mary Turner Project is in the process of developing an open access, searchable database of all reported lynchings in the United States. We understand the grand scope of this undertaking and know it will involve an evolving process as information is researched and uncovered. We could also use some help with that project. So if you are someone interested in this kind of research and would like to join our effort please let us know.

Until our interactive database is completed, below you will find lists of reported lynchings in states throughout the nation. Please keep in mind that these lists will be expanding and the research on many victims is ongoing. In some cases there are questions about the identities and names of victims and we will be working to clarify that information. Those cases are denoted with an asterisk (*), a question mark (?), or a line (—) in each of the lists. If you have any information pertaining to those persons or are interested in contributing to this research, please let us know.

Please also note that these lists do not include everyone who has been lynched in the United States since many of these crimes were never officially documented. However, we will be updating the site as our research progresses. If you have any information about these or other lynchings please contact us.

Advisory: Because many lynchings were public events, there are links to lynching photographs of some of the victims listed below. Be warned, these images are to extremely graphic.


Lynching information in our database is drawn from one or more of the following sources.

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