Join Our Fundraising Effort

As a grassroots, volunteer organization that anyone can be a part of, for more than 14 years MTP has been financially sustained by a handful of committed members.

In an effort to continue and expand our work, and to increase opportunities for people to contribute to the work we do, we are now asking for financial support from those who believe in our work. In all, the MTP simply needs approximately $17,000 annually to not only continue, but also grow the work we currently do. So, this is the goal of our 2021 fundraising effort.

That $17,000 will enable the organization to pay the MTP's full-time coordinator a small salary of $13,000 (for the first time in the history of the MTP) which will enable them to commit their attention and energy to growing the organization, manage existing projects, and starting new initiatives. Other costs will include $2,600 for assorted organizational expenses (e.g. website space, printing costs, open records request costs, media production, and research websites subscription costs), $400 for the re-installation costs of the Mary Turner historical marker this fall (that was removed because of extreme vandalism), and $1000 will be allocated for a MTP scholarship fund. From that fund two $500 scholarships will be awarded on a yearly basis to area students involved in working for racial justice in the region. Interested applicants will be able to apply for those scholarships on a webpage we will be adding in the future.

In the spirit of full transperency and accountability, an MTP Advisory Board member is tasked with monitoring all donations and expenditures, and this information will be publicly available for download at this link.

(Download MTP Quarterly Financial Statements)

How to Financially Support MTP?

To financially support the MTP simply make a donation to our GoFundMe campaign at the link below. Each year we will have a fundraising effort to raise the funds necessary to continue and expand our work. We hope you will consider financially supporting our work and we appreciate any amount you are able to donate. Thank you!


We also recognize the role that our community can play in helping to raise awareness about our shared history and to take action to reduce ignorance and increase healing. To this end, please share information about the MTP and our fundraising effort with those in your life and social networks. Your help and support is deeply appreciated.

Why the MTP isn't a Non-Profit (501c3) Organization

For now, the MTP is not a non-profit (501c3) organization. Because of that, we regret to say that your contribution is not tax deductible. However, please know that we have thoughtfully made the decision to not become a 501c3 organization for several important strategic reasons that align with our current mission and organizational philosophy. They include but are not limited to the following.

  • The Internal Revenue Service restricts the political involvement and activities of 501c3 non-profit organizations.
  • Many large scale non-profit social justice organizations (that receive large amounts of funding from corporations and corporate foundations) are often hesitant to do more proactive, "controversial" change work and generally do not work in partnership with grassroots efforts (in an effort to build larger movements for change).
  • Many corporate funders of non-profit organizations are the historical and contemporary perpetrators of large-scale social injustice (e.g. relative to the legacy of slavery in the U.S., the dehumanization and exclusion of women, antisemitism, environmental degradation, and anti-labor efforts). In fact, many corporations and their current day "charitable" foundations amassed their immense wealth and power by participating in and perpetrating various forms of racism, supporting patriarchy, squelching labor movements, and by damaging the environment.
  • Over the years of our work, we have found that the "professionalization" of social justice work (into white collar middle/upper middle class careers in non-profit organizations) regularly hinders movement building and large-scale social change. It does that by encouraging people to think that social change is something they cannot do themselves or that it is something someone else will do for them.

  • Given this context and our mission, for now the MTP will continue to work as a grassroots effort and especially appreciates your financial support of our work!

    Again, Thank You for Supporting Our Work!