The Mary Turner Project
mary turner historical marker
The "Its a Hateful Heritage" Campaign

In partnership with the Lowndes/Valdosta Chapter of the Southern Leadership Conference, on June 23rd of this year the MTP issued an open letter to Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal and Georgia lawmakers. That letter called for the end of all state funded Confederate holidays, Confederate events, the naming of roads after Confederate leaders, and the state management of Confederate historic sites. In addition to providing historical documentation about why Georgia entered the Civil War and what Confederate leaders thought about slavery, that letter draws attention to the following realities.

  1. These State sponsored, promoted, and funded activities celebrate and promote a war fought to preserve the institution of slavery and the south's desire to extend slavery into Western territories.
  2. These activities celebrate and romanticize a government and leaders driven by the ideology of White supremacy and the belief that White people had been divinely ordained to be superior to and in charge of all other races.
  3. These activities celebrate and romanticize a government and leaders who refused to recognize the human and civil rights of women of all races, including but not limited to the right to vote, own property, serve on a jury, etc.
  4. These activities pay homage to and glorify men who were instrumental leaders in the terrorist organization known as the Ku Klux Klan during the era of Reconstruction (e.g. Gen. John Brown Gordon, Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest).
  5. These activities are paid for by Georgia taxpayers, including approximately 3 million Black citizens, many of whom are the descendants of the very people the Confederacy saw as sub-human and worthy of enslavement.
  6. These activities raise serious questions about whether all Georgians can expect equal treatment and representation from lawmakers who participate in celebrating the Confederacy and think it, and the men who led it, are something to be lionized and honored.
  7. These activities serve to actively distort the history of the Civil War and minimize the scope and scale of slavery in Georgia and the South.
  8. These activities obstruct social progress and show a general disregard for 3 million Black Georgians.
  9. These activities obstruct economic development in the state by making Georgia look like it is lost in the 19th century in the eyes of the nation and world.
  10. These activities are a waste of revenue and Georgia taxpayers' tax dollars.

Currently the MTP is reaching out to community and religious organizations, federal agencies, and other southern states for help with this important movement. Please consider getting involved and let those in your social networks know about the campaign.

To find out how to get involved or for more information about the campaign simply send us an email.

We also encourage you ask Gov. Nathan Deal 404-656-1776, Georgia State Senators, and Georgia State Representatives to end all State promotion and funding of all Confederacy related activites.

Thank you again for your interest and support.